June 20, 2015

My name is Viktor and currenty I’m a proud tech guy at Enhancv /also first employee/. In the past 10 years I’ve been playing around with different kind of technologies and since I got my driving license 2 years ago, I’m obsessed with cars.

I’ve been professionally working with:

  • Javascript/NodeJS and all bullsh*t around their ecosystem
  • React/Redux/Reflux/Angular
  • MongoDB/Redis
  • AWS Stack/Heroku
  • Codeship/Travis/Custom branch staging systems
  • Webpack/Gulp/Grunt
  • Python/NLTK

I’ve also some decent experience with:

  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi
  • Linux based systems
  • SQL
  • Electronics
  • C#/C++

I’m most proud of:

  • Personally awarded from the President of Bulgaria with the “John Atanasoff” diploma for outstanding achievements in IT
  • 1st place for 2 sequential years at the National IT Olympiad
  • Over 11+ first places on other IT competitions
  • My home automation project received over 2500 github stars just 3 days after posting it on github, got featured on Hacker News homepage, leaded github trending for 3 sequential days and receiving over 500 upvotes in reddit
  • Personally invited by the CEO of Enhancv to join as first employee
  • Being in TOP20 best arena teams at the end of World of Warcraft PVP season

In the past year I’ve been actively participating in amateur GoKart races and became competitive in just 9 months.

If you want to get in touch, message me on deepsybg {at} gmail.com.

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